Welfare Advice Service

The Welfare Advice Service is now closed for Easter, we will reopen on Monday 12 April 2021.

If you need urgent advice, ring AdviceNI Freephone Helpline 0800 915 4604

Happy Easter to you all

Easter Break

BURC will close on Friday 2 April 2021 and reopen on Monday 12 April 2021. 

The ESOL classes are on Easter break as well and will resume on the 12th.

BURC would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter, stay safe.

Remember to check out the R2R YouTube channel Routes to Resilience BURC – YouTube

Message from the Chief Medical Officer

“It is understandable that many will wish to spend time with or visiting their mother on Mother’s Day. The risks to older people and those with underlying health remains very real. While vaccination will over time protect many of those at risk of severe disease no vaccination is 100% effective and not everyone at risk is yet vaccinated.

Please remember that a third of people infected with COVID have no symptoms and don’t know they have it. The more we mix the more we risk passing the virus on to others particularly older people.

Please continue to follow the advice and protect those who most at risk and who matter to you most”

For ideas on celebrating safely follow this link Mother’s Day from Home | At Home, Belfast Plus, Family Friendly, Food and Drink, Things To Do | A blog full of ideas and inspiration | Visit Belfast

Happy Mother’s Day to all, hope you have a lovely day, stay safe

Happy Christmas. We look forward to working with you again next year, stay safe. From the staff and committee of Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre.

Arthur McKeown IATEFL ESOL SIG Champion 2020!

Our very own Arthur McKeown, who set up our ESOL programme a few years ago, was awarded the prestigious ESOL SIG Champion award by IATEFL. He was due to collect his prize at IATEFL’s conference in April, but that unfortunately fell through due to the lockdown. We are now very excited to know that he will be recognised at next year’s conference.

IATEFL published an interview with Arthur on their August newsletter, which we are proud to share with you.


Resource Pack for Children and Young People

This resource pack has some really good resources and links to online resources for parents and Community Workers alike.. 

As always I hope you are all keeping safe and well. 

How to use Zoom in different languages

Currently, most of us are using Zoom for online teaching and learning and for meetings – work or leisure related!

The City of Glasgow College very helpfully put together this instruction booklet in different languages on how to use Zoom, and kindly gave permission to share it. We hope you find it useful!

More home schooling resources!

Some advice on learning at home from RISE NI: https://view.pagetiger.com/RISENI/covid19/pagetigeradviceleafletsparentscovid19.pdf

Useful resources on education and healthy eating

Some useful information for the Education Authority on Eating well and also useful Education Resources in 11 different languages:

Eat Well, Live Well


Education Resources in 11 different Languages


A message for our ESOL learners

Our ESOL classes had to stop quite suddenly because of the COVID-19 emergency, but our volunteer tutors and our staff have been working behind the scenes to bring them back in different formats. Our Conversation classes are now online on Wednesdays at 6:30 (email ESOL@burc.org for information on how to join them) and we’ll be offering different online classes to our lower-intermediate and absolute beginners learners.

We do miss you, our learners, and we all hope you are all well and keeping safe! We’re thinking of you and want to show it! Our tutors just made this lovely video for you to send you just a simple message: we’re here, you’re all on our mind and we’ll be back very soon!

Keep checking this website, our Facebook page and Twitter account @BURCProgrammes for updates!

In the meantime, this is for you, from all of us: