EURES Cross Border Partnership

EURES (European Employment Services) is a European Commission measure which actively assists and promotes the free movement of labour throughout the member states. Workers coming to work and to live in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland require advice relating to living and working conditions, such as employment rights and representation, housing, health, education, training, job opportunities and benefit entitlement.

The Cross Border Partnership comprises of the following organisations:

The Department of Communities SOLASThe Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU)The Confederation of British Industry (CBI)The Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) The Chambers of Commerce (North and South of Ireland)

EURES funded activities:
2016/ 2017 English for Employability – Sector Specific English

These are six week courses delivered across Northern Ireland and in border areas to improve the English language skills of participants to improve their opportunities for gaining employment and / or promotion in particular sectors. Topics included:

Workplace English 1Workplace English 2English for Nursing 1English for Nursing 2English for BeginnersHotel & HospitalityEnglish for Job-huntingEnglish for ConstructionEnglish for the Care Setting

Job Shadowing

Young Adults aged 16 – 25 attend meetings with Mentors to help develop job seeking skills and includes a two week job placement to experience the culture of working.
EURES Advisor’s provide advice on working and living cross-border on topics including Health, Tax and Job seeking.
For more information please contact: Aisling Cartmill

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