The John Hewitt

The John Hewitt

John Hewitt Bar & Restaurant

The John Hewitt Bar is was the first Social Enterprise Bar set up in Northern Ireland and continues to run as a competitive business in the Cathedral Quarter.
The John Hewitt’s name as one of the top beer venues in town still holds strong, although now with growing competition. With so many Irish craft breweries emerging, and people demand more and more local beers, bars are now refocusing their attention to their draught selection. To stay ahead of this competition The John Hewitt will be installing a rotational pump system, using half of its pumps. This will allow us to keep up with current beer trends and give us the freedom to move along with these trends. It will also allow us to support far more local breweries as we will have the ability to rotate the beers as we see fit. The other half of the pumps will stay as fixed commercial beers. This allows us to offer the perfect mix of commercial and local craft beers.

The John Hewitt is still maintaining its support for the arts. We continue to lend our stage to no less than seven bands per-week, house eleven commission-free art exhibitions per-year, and we still support and strive to be a part of as many of the local festivals as possible. The John Hewitt still offers a free venue on Wednesday evenings for anyone wanting to hold a fundraising event, and is also still heavily donating prizes for fundraising events elsewhere.

Support, both financial and in kind, has been given to:

Newtownabbey RacersUlster Cancer FoundationConcern WorldwideBelfast Blues FestivalCathedral Quarter Arts FestivalBelfast Film FestivalFestival of FoolsBelfast PrideHabitat for HumanityH.I.V Support CentreThe Joe Lamont TrustAmnesty International

Support is given both from home and abroad, NISA Northern Ireland Somalian Association and Gaith, a Syrian student from the English language classes in the Centre who received a donation towards equipment to start a job.

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