Message from the Chief Medical Officer

Message from the Chief Medical Officer

“It is understandable that many will wish to spend time with or visiting their mother on Mother’s Day. The risks to older people and those with underlying health remains very real. While vaccination will over time protect many of those at risk of severe disease no vaccination is 100% effective and not everyone at risk is yet vaccinated.

Please remember that a third of people infected with COVID have no symptoms and don’t know they have it. The more we mix the more we risk passing the virus on to others particularly older people.

Please continue to follow the advice and protect those who most at risk and who matter to you most”

For ideas on celebrating safely follow this link Mother’s Day from Home | At Home, Belfast Plus, Family Friendly, Food and Drink, Things To Do | A blog full of ideas and inspiration | Visit Belfast

Happy Mother’s Day to all, hope you have a lovely day, stay safe


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