Universal Credit News

Universal Credit News

BURC is offering independent advice to anyone thinking off or having to make a fresh claim for Universal Credit. If you are in receipt of legacy benefits (JSA, ESA (income-based), Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits & Housing Benefit) speak to an adviser beforehand. You could be ‘worse off’ in receipt of UC. You could also be one of the few & be better off in receipt of Universal Credit. You may be in receipt of the legacy benefits & have a change in your circumstances & have no choice but to make the claim for UC, again we would say to you, have a chat with our adviser before you do anything. Not all changes mean a move to UC so if in doubt speak to our adviser, they can advise you on UC, what to expect at each stage & if you are not digitally confident we are here to help you make the claim & get started.

Once you move on to UC you cannot go back on to the legacy benefits, before you make that claim get a free benefit calculation so you know what you can expect to receive from UC, that way you can make an informed choice.

Ring the office, 028 9096 1111 & we will get you booked in for an appointment, that way you know what to expect & what you should expect to receive. Your circumstances will be different to others, we will give you a free consultation, do a full benefit check including providing you with a full breakdown unique to your circumstances.

Appointments are filling up so don’t wait to the last minute, be prepared & ring us today


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