Fellowship of Messines

Fellowship of Messines

The fellowship of Messines Association was formed in May 2002 by a diverse range of individuals from Loyalist, Republican and Trade Union backgrounds, united in their realisation of the necessity to confront sectarianism in our society as a necessary means to realistic peace building.

The project currently engages young people and new citizens also in dialogue, through education,  on themes of citizenship and cultural and political identity.

Creating the possibilities for participation and winning over important participant elements has had its own particular difficulties. Migrants and refugees from Somalia who have come to N.I. recently have found the language (English) a difficulty in taking full and active part in organised activities especially discussions on “citizenship”. Some Syrian migrants/refugees have also found that a lack of proficiency in the language is also an impediment to them taking part fully in exchanges.

we have been successful in obtaining support from the Good Relations Unit of Belfast City Council for a trial programme called the “New Citizenship Programme” which has been tailored specifically for young people front line areas in Belfast in the age group 18-24.

We will continue to play our part in helping to create opportunities and spaces where those who wish to progress towards a reasonable, respectful and civil accommodation here in Northern Ireland can continue to engage with one and other in meaningful, positive and tolerant ways.

For more information contact our Fellowship Messines/Citizenship Programme Co-ordinator – Harry Donaghy – harry.donaghy@burc.org

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